• Question: When does gravity become weak enough from earth that we'd float away??

    Asked by Dolly da Gucci to Ivy, George, Daniel, Christina, Cheryl on 17 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Ivy Kombe

      Ivy Kombe answered on 17 Jan 2017:

      That is an interesting question, from looking it up on google, it looks like in theory, you cannot really escape the earth’s gravity. The attraction force does get weaker the further away you are from the earth’s surface, but it never completely gets to zero. The objects that are able to orbit the earth without being pulled down by gravity do so by exerting a force in different direction from the force of gravity. If you went up as far as the moon, there would still be gravity to pull you back down to earth if you are not exerting a force in a different direction. If you went up towards the sun, at some point the sun’s gravity will be stronger than the earth, so you would float away, but towards the sun! If you wanted to float away from the earth, you would need to have a direction you are heading to, or aim to be pulled in by the gravity of some other heavenly body.