• Question: it is said that there are multiple universes that,s according to albert einstein,s theory of the universe but my question is if they are thereis it possible to create like a portal to the next one

    Asked by abmb325 to Ivy, George, Daniel, Christina, Cheryl on 25 Jan 2017.
    • Photo: Cheryl Andisi

      Cheryl Andisi answered on 25 Jan 2017:

      Very fascinating question.
      Multiverse-or multiple universes have been suggested not only in astronomy, physics but also in religion and psychological studies where choices you make here could have alternative forms in other, maybe infinite number of universes out there. The thought of it is actually scary!
      I do not know if it possible to to create a portal to an alternative universe. And I think it is one of the new areas that scientists are trying to explore. Whether for instance, falling through a black hole or a wormhole will destroy you or propel you to one of the alternative universes is a speculation many scientists have had.

      That reminds me, I need to watch Morgan Freeman’s documentary, “through the wormhole”. Here is a link on an episode where he discusses the latest advances from all fields on multiple universes. If you can, please watch